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FULLLL Friday!

April 17, 2010

___It started out like an average day; I woke up looking gorgeous and alert, went to class and came back for a shower that wasn’t too long. ;)


Right now I’m using TRESemme shampoo/conditioner that is allegedly not tested on animals, and “natural.”

I put on some makeup, including my Physician’s Formula 100% cruelty free Organic Wear powder and realized I was late as usual.


It was a long Friday, and if it wasn’t for some awesome Açaí Machine Naked juice in French class, I would have crashed hard.


Apres my class, I hit up the cafe for a grilled veggie sandwich and went to work!


My roommate and her family came to town and we all went to La Palma, a great Mexican restaurant!


Now it’s off to bed and off to another city tomorrow! We’ll see how San Simeon, CA can cater to its vegan guest!

Have a great day! I hope you’ll stop by again :)


Check out for vegan public service announcements!

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