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Winded Wednesday

April 22, 2010

I woke up bright and early, feeling less than chipper. This will probably never change. I am not an early morning bird… I brushed my teeth with my newly purchased eco-friendly toothbrush by Preserve. Soon after I was out the door and starting my day!

After my class, I wandered to study French in the library where I got an iced soy chai and a Cliff Bar— two of my favorite things. I think the combo of both sweet sweet items was a mistake. I had a sugar crash a bit later :(

Later came work, another Cliff Bar (a double dose!), an apple and some good old h2o. I also learned that my school is one of the greenest campuses in the nation! :D

I got a surprise visit from my roommate Sabra today!

In my advanced news writing class, our teacher and Assistant Managing Editor, Kevin Parrish, took us to see the local newspaper, The Record. It was amazing to see how much goes into creating a daily newspaper!

It was well past dinner time when I arrived at Cocoro Bistro to meet up with Sabra and Kelsey (heeyyyyyy Kelsey!) We LOVE Cocoro!! I got the vegetarian teriyaki dish, which was made up of savory, marinated vegetables and tofu, dark leafy green salad and rice. YUM!

I was greatly anticipating the next day– a day on which I would meet MICHAEL POLLAN. :D I was SOOOOO excited!!

Happy Earth Day! I hope you’ll stop by again, and wish me luck!


p.s. remember the Vegolution Facebook group!

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