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My Blog Has Moved!

September 13, 2011

I have shifted over to a different WordPress for a new project! Check out:


Vegan and the City

May 18, 2010

I moved to San Francisco, and it can be summed up into these words:

-Bars (edible, not sociable)



I have been tremendously busy starting a new internship, and one may wonder how it is possible to maintain a vegan diet. It has been nothing but easy!

Since I am now on the go all the time, I stocked up on bars galore:

When I’m sort of hungry, Cliff ZBars are smaller and less calories than their “adult” versions.  Other than that, I love Odwalla Sweet & Salty bars and Luna bars (THIS ONE in particular)!

As far as solid food goes, I have found vegan food everywhere! As of now, Loving Hut is my favorite spot!

China Town Sunday Market

Loving Hut Awesomeness

Loving Hut salad

Spicy Tofu somewhere I forgot the name of!


Aside from eating, I dyed my hair! Yay for change!

Thanks for stopping by!


Raw today! Or tomorrow…

May 3, 2010

It’s my last week of schoooooool! (for this year at least)

I keep wanting to go raw for a while, but every time I set a day to start, I always chicken  (soy chicken?) out of it. Today was no exception. I woke up set on forgoing cooked goods, started my morning off with an orange and then BAM. I couldn’t resist the temptation of a carrot cake Cliff Bar. YUM. I am such a baby… I need some motivation to go raw!!!

After throwing in the towel on my dietary goal of the day, I went to class, then lunch and then work. Somewhere in that mix, I checked my online bank statement, which is a great thing many banks are doing these days to be more “green.”


For lunch I had a tasty salad. It was a nice medley of spinach, cherry tomatoes, tofu, red and green bell pepper slices, olives, balsamic vinaigrette and mushrooms. I also tore up some of my roommate’s veggie sandwich and slurped up a soy chai tea latte.


This summer I will be out and about with no dining hall to rely on, what will become of my vegan eating routines? We’ll just have to wait and see! I know one thing, the challenge will be nowhere near impossible. BRING IT ON SUMMER!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Have a great day!


Winded Wednesday

April 22, 2010

I woke up bright and early, feeling less than chipper. This will probably never change. I am not an early morning bird… I brushed my teeth with my newly purchased eco-friendly toothbrush by Preserve. Soon after I was out the door and starting my day!

After my class, I wandered to study French in the library where I got an iced soy chai and a Cliff Bar— two of my favorite things. I think the combo of both sweet sweet items was a mistake. I had a sugar crash a bit later :(

Later came work, another Cliff Bar (a double dose!), an apple and some good old h2o. I also learned that my school is one of the greenest campuses in the nation! :D

I got a surprise visit from my roommate Sabra today!

In my advanced news writing class, our teacher and Assistant Managing Editor, Kevin Parrish, took us to see the local newspaper, The Record. It was amazing to see how much goes into creating a daily newspaper!

It was well past dinner time when I arrived at Cocoro Bistro to meet up with Sabra and Kelsey (heeyyyyyy Kelsey!) We LOVE Cocoro!! I got the vegetarian teriyaki dish, which was made up of savory, marinated vegetables and tofu, dark leafy green salad and rice. YUM!

I was greatly anticipating the next day– a day on which I would meet MICHAEL POLLAN. :D I was SOOOOO excited!!

Happy Earth Day! I hope you’ll stop by again, and wish me luck!


p.s. remember the Vegolution Facebook group!

Defying the Impossible

April 19, 2010

This weekend I went to the motherlode of vegan challenge locations: seafood country. I was in the central coast area of California where the word on the street was fish fish fish. Being with a group, I didn’t have much of a voice in the restaurant selection process. Over the course of visiting many not vegan-friendly venues, I found organic salads, grilled vegetables,  french fries (not healthy, but quite tasty), trail mixes, fresh fruit, Cliff bars and more! If I can be vegan and full in Monterey’s fisherman’s wharf, ANYONE can at least cut back a little to a lot on their meat/dairy/etc. Side note: I was really happy to see that though he was a cattle rancher, William Randolph Hearst was a pretty compassionate animal lover. At least his huge estate made for some free range farming.


Have a great day! I hope you’ll stop by again :)


Check out for vegan public service announcements!

FULLLL Friday!

April 17, 2010

___It started out like an average day; I woke up looking gorgeous and alert, went to class and came back for a shower that wasn’t too long. ;)


Right now I’m using TRESemme shampoo/conditioner that is allegedly not tested on animals, and “natural.”

I put on some makeup, including my Physician’s Formula 100% cruelty free Organic Wear powder and realized I was late as usual.


It was a long Friday, and if it wasn’t for some awesome Açaí Machine Naked juice in French class, I would have crashed hard.


Apres my class, I hit up the cafe for a grilled veggie sandwich and went to work!


My roommate and her family came to town and we all went to La Palma, a great Mexican restaurant!


Now it’s off to bed and off to another city tomorrow! We’ll see how San Simeon, CA can cater to its vegan guest!

Have a great day! I hope you’ll stop by again :)


Check out for vegan public service announcements!

Super Swamped Student Thursday

April 15, 2010

Though it is not over yet, today has been a whirlwind of business. I woke up and showered, all the while feeling the pain of the morning and wearing the face of an angel.


I kicked it off with taking too long to eat my tasty breakfast of Nature’s Path organic Acai Apple granola with pomegranate cereal and soy milk. Yum Yum Yum lead to late late late.


I quickly threw on some clothes and raced to do my makeup. I love knowing that my makeup isn’t tested on animals, but works just as well as any other brand! I use and love Origins brand mascara.


Arriving to class 20 minutes late… no bueno. What was bueno was going to my newspaper meeting and then lunch after!

I grabbed an orange and hit the Asian bar in my school’s university center.

The guy is always so nice to me at the Asian bar! I get this meal allll the time. Simple: a bowl of zucchini, squash, broccoli, tofu, red bell peppers, spicy sauce. Swoon!


I was really tired after class and a school newspaper meeting; I really just wanted to go to sleep, or pass out.



Alas, I am off to work and can’t do such a thing!


Remember, being vegan is easy! Try it! Embrace it! Love it! Even cutting back a little bit on your meat intake does a world of difference for the, well, world!

Have a great day! I hope you’ll stop by again :)